photography - video

latest work


The Work presented here is a visual essay focusing on everyday found objects. The Series is a body of work of twelve images taken in Camden Area picturing the public elements such as lamps posts, bus stops, garbage cans, or every other surface in the public street than can be subject of intervention and becomes elements of communication by holding flyers, posters, ads, stickers or propaganda.

Analogue Photography

C-type print from a photographic negative 10x8"

The images are a personal exploration to understand the area, the social network and the community living around the Euston Station in North London. 


In developing this project I tried to understand the loneliness of this invisible people, who day after day walk around London and arrange the city to be consumed by residents and tourist. This people organize a public space for others and maintain the city for the people that probably never will acknowledge their job.

c a r o l i n a  g o n z a l e z